Adventures of Blockhead! (platform jumping)

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Adventures of Blockhead! (platform jumping)

Post  Kiwisonlegend007 on 10th December 2011, 08:25

Adventures of Blockhead is a story of a normal Blockhead named Benjiman living in a small village with very few people, but had everything! A shopkeeper, blacksmiths, miner, jewelry store, and one city well in the center... But one day there was news about a new discovery of gold not to far away from the village, so the miners headed out before the sun peeked over the horizon the next morning. Nothing seemed to change when they were gone, until on the 4th day... a bandit came and robbed the jewelry store! The jewelry store was what made the town stay alive!
They had no idea what to do! Later in the story, Benjiman was their only town miner and had to go collect resources such as diamonds, gold, silver, and precious rocks.

The rest of the story, you'll have to wait and find out when the movie and game are released!

Please tell me what you think! (I will add a download link later!)

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Well done!

Post  the_computerkid on 19th December 2011, 07:44


This game sounds really good and I can't wait to try it.

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