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The_ComputerKid here,

I'm making a game called SafeQuest, it is similar to SafeCraft and Minecraft, except you are doing quests. And there's no free roaming. Sorry. I'm too busy, what with school, tests and everything.

It's basically a quest game. You have arrived in an unknown land, only to be greeted by a mysterious man. He tells you to follow him. You arrive in the quaint little village of Waterstone. He presents you to King Arbhed, who tells you that his daughter is dying of the disease "corpus interfectorem" or 'Body Killer.' You say you have never heard of it, but King Arbhed tells you. He says it "kills you from the inside, by shutting down some of your organs, until you are dead. It's basically a slow and painful death. He wants you to go and see his daughter, only to see that she isn't in her bed, or the local hospital. You decide to snoop around, and you find a note under the bed. You read it aloud, and find that she is kidnapped, and the ransom is 1000 gold coins, or challenge the kidnapper.. King Arbhed begs you to find his daughter, and to find a cure for her. However, if you make the wrong choices, Princess Athelia dies, or you, yourself dies.

The Bitter Forest

None yet, will post some soon.

King Arbhed
Princess Athelia
Great Mage Torgsun

More to be added!

Beta Testing
If you wish to beta test my game, you can apply to beta test here. Thank you.

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SafeQuest might be getting its own forum in the next few weeks! (Providing I don't get any big school projects.)
The link SHOULD hopefully be:
We have a website (not finished):

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