[WIP] Assassin's Creed: Return

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[WIP] Assassin's Creed: Return

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Set after the events of Assassin's Revalations at Abstergo Industries. Assassin's Creed: Return takes place after the Abstergo Industries satellite launch in December 2012, you take on the role of either an assassin or templar in the modern day. Despite the game being online, there are missions available in the animus. Your role as an assassin is to take down the templar organisation by means of Animus, disguise or hacking. Your role as a templar is to kill anyone immune to the effects of the Apple of Eden by means of Animus or direct battle. Since Assassin's Creed: Return takes place after the Abstergo Industries satellite launch, we've included a back story at the beginning of the game:

"It is time, we have waited for so long & now it is time.
This is the moment we have been training for all these years.
We do not have long before they are here, remember your training & do us proud.
They're here, get going we have 38 hours till launch."

-Warren Vidic speaking to the templars in the Animi room.

Assassin's Creed: Return is set in the modern day (approximatley January 2013) after the launch of the Abstergo Industries satellite. You either take on the role as a templar working at Abstergo industries or as an assassin immune to the effects of the Apple of Eden. Despite the game being set in the modern day, you can still access the Animus to retrieve information from different locations such as Renaissance Italy, First Dynasty Egypt, the Animus Multiroom & from earlier in the game.

Screenshots are unavailable as the beta has not yet taken place.

Character Customisation
You can choose from three different classes at the beginning of the game, Assassin, Recruited Assassin & Templar. Assassin will feature special abilities such as Eagle Vision, Free-Running & Recruitment Calling (which is similar to the ability in AC:B except it calls for backup from other players). Recruited Assassin is slightly different, they are not bloodline but are civilians who are immune to the Apple of Eden. Therefore they do not feature Eagle Vision or Recruitment Calling but they do however feature Free-Running. Templar will feature Free-Running as you have spent months training in the Animus.

The Animus will contain a few upgrades from the last time (for both Assassin & Templar). There will now be a friends list allowing you to add people freely, along with a guild system which will allow you to create your own guilds & join others. You will also be allowed to visit the Animus at your own leisure to collect info for missions or just to explore freely.

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