Safebox's Mod - Survival Mode

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Safebox's Mod - Survival Mode

Post  Safebox on 14th November 2011, 03:29

We here at Safebox have started to re-evaluate what genre this game is & we've come to a decision that it is no longer a game mod but rather a sandbox game so we've started working on a Survival mode.

Survival Mode
Survival mode is when you are given a world with plants and creatures & left to fend for yourself. You're given a few resources such as firewood & food to survive the first night but after that you're on own.

Survival mode will also allow for crafting allowing you to create materials to build a shelter & meld tools. We are also planning to include the following features to survival mode:
  • Weather effects (rain, storm, snow)
  • Crafting
  • DNA Synthesis (for creating NPC's)
  • Food
  • Weapons/Armour
  • Creatures

NOTE: Survival Mode has been cancelled to be placed into another game which we are calling SafeCraft, details are on the Games in Progress forum.

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